Brynne E. Dippell, Ph.D. Spiritual Counseling & Energy Healing



Come with questions, leave with answers.

My services will give you insight, emotional and physical healing, and tools for accelerating your spiritual growth.


Intuitive Spiritual Counseling – Receive clarity and inspiration with heart

Are you feeling confused, sad, or anxious? Having difficulty making a decision? By partnering with your soul and spiritual guides, I can help you find the answers to questions about your life purpose, relationships, health, financial issues, pets, and other vital areas. These questions are answered in a loving and practical way that will give you the clarity to take your next step. As we work with the release of deep emotional patterns, you will feel uplifted as the profound love and admiration of your spiritual guides comes through.

Akashic Records Consultations – Consult the Book of Life to answer your questions

Are you wondering about your unique mission in life, the deeper meaning of your relationships, or which job or career is best? An Akashic Records Consultation takes you right to the source. As you ask questions, the Spiritual Guardians of your Akashic Records access the vast library of information that is available to you. Not only will you receive specific answers to your questions, accessing the Akashic Records will provide the opportunity to see how each decision you make fits into the larger vision for your life. As you experience the energy of your unique Akashic Records, you will feel uplifted and inspired. 

Emotional & Physical Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing – Resolve emotional and physical distress quickly and easily

Would you like a new way to integrate emotional issues? Energy Healing provides a fast and gentle way of resolving emotional and physical pain and distress. As you rest comfortably on a table, I locate the blockages in your body’s energy flow, while receiving pictures and sensations of the unresolved emotions and past experiences that are affecting you. As I transmit divine healing energy to these areas, your soul and spiritual guides communicate with me about what you're experiencing and how best to help you. When the healing is finished, you can expect to feel relaxed, happy, and inspired. As an added benefit, when the root emotional issues are resolved, physical symptoms often dissolve as well.

Akashic Healing – Release emotional patterns with the divine vibration of your Akashic Records

Do you keep experiencing the same difficult feelings or patterns of behavior? In an Akashic Healing session, we open your Akashic Records and ask your spiritual guides about the emotional issues and patterns you would like to address. I act as a divine channel to receive information about their origin and meaning, and your guides offer simple and effective ways to release the patterns that are no longer serving you. In addition, I bring through specific, finely-tuned energies from your Records to resolve these issues. You’ll feel uplifted as you experience the energy of your Akashic Records and the boundless love and acceptance of your spiritual guides. 


“In the last 10 years, I have experienced several healing modalities with all kinds of
respected healers, but none of
them were so powerful and
healing as this one!"

"I felt ‘light as a feather’ for days, if not weeks and when I look back from where I am now, the Circuitry Alignment was an important milestone in my personal journey to self realization. It guided me to the core of my essence, a source where I find strength whenever life presents another challenge.”

- Roel Strzeminski, Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Atascadero, CA


Let me help you release your confusion and frustration so you can live a more inspired and happier life.

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